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Fort Klamath, Oregon is located 40 miles north of Klamath Falls on Hwy 62.  It sits in the middle of the Wood River valley and is a beautiful serene location of green pastures and tree covered mountains. 


Some of the things to do while staying in Ft. Klamath might be visiting the old military fort.  It has a museum open to the public and serves as a wealth of information about the history of the region.  Kimball Park is located at the mouth of the Wood River and it is a beautiful place for camping, swimming or picnicking.  Canoes begin there and float down to several different spots along the river.


There are canoe trails not far away on the northwest side of Klamath Lake as well as a bird sanctuary a short distance south of Ft. Klamath.  A new attraction to the area is  a Zip Line with 9 different lines located about 45 minutes away on Hwy 140.


Visit for information about entertainment and activities surrounding Crater Lake


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